The San Francisco Bay Area, home to Silicon Valley, is the largest startup and investment hub in the world, with more than $120 billion invested in over 3,400 startups in 2021. It’s only natural that the LES 2022 Annual Meeting in San Francisco is focused on the theme of “Commercializing Innovation” with a large portion of the program dedicated to IP management and monetization in early stage ventures.  LES has a strong foothold in the San Francisco Bay Area, through our San Francisco and Silicon Valley chapters. Both local chapters will play a key role in the meeting, from hosting thy Opening Reception to bringing in speakers and attendees from the high tech and life sciences business, startup and investor communities.

Below are just a few highlights of the many ways you can participate in Startup-themed events at the LES Annual Meeting:

Get Inspired By Our Keynote: Conversation with Altos Labs and the Future of R&D

Altos Labs recently made a big splash with a heady mission, massive funding, and exceptional founding talent in a hybrid academic-industrial business model. Launched with 3 Billion dollars from funders including Jeff Bezos and a plan to transform medicine with cellular rejuvenation, Altos started operations in 2022 with top academic and industry talent, including Nobel prize winners, located in 3 distributed research clusters. We’ll hear about the strategy and expectations behind Altos and what it means for the R&D-to-commercial pipelines of the future.

Learn First-Hand by Attending a Workshop: Anatomy of Innovation

Led by Silicon Valley Chapter Chair and revered entrepreneur, Larry Udell, a diverse panel of experts will share their experience and knowledge encompassing the full scope of creating new technology and monetizing its potential, either by creating a new venture or through the licensing path after securing all the necessary protection. The panel will cover hands-on practices from forming the right team all the way to determining which companies would be the best licensing targets. The focus is on making the right decisions at the early stage of technology development.

Participate in a Discussion Table: Blockchain/NFT, Metaverse, Trade Secrets, Branding, Dealmaking and more

Join our discussion tables, featuring cutting edge topics that will be discussed and debated by other meeting attendees.  Each table discussion is led by an LES member who is an expert in the field, and everyone is welcome to join and contribute.  Several of the tables cover topics that are particularly relevant for startups (and large corporations alike), including: Using Trade Secrets to Unlock New Revenue Opportunities, Building Value Through Product  Brands, The Art in the Deal: Getting Deals Unstuck, and Latin American Inventions: The Untapped Potential.   Other tables cover cutting edge technologies where many new startups are emerging, particularly Blockchain/NFT where we have several discussion tables, including: The Legal Universe of the Metaverse, NFTs: Licensing, Marketplaces and IP Issues.

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