Think Globally Act Locally: LES Local Chapters

LES maintains local chapters in key locations throughout the US and Canada. Here LES members can gather, network and explore issues most relevant to their local communities. Chapter events are open to everyone, so check out what’s happening near you!      

Local Chapters Chapter Events

Programming for Specific Industry Sectors

LES offers outstanding meeting and professional development programming, content, and networking opportunities related to five specific industry sectors.

  • Chemicals, Energy, Environment, and Materials: The CEEM Sector engages members in the chemical, energy, environmental, and materials industries, which include but are not limited to the fields of petrochemicals, renewable and green energy, clean technology and nanotechnology.
  • Consumer Products: The Consumer Products Sector provides a gateway for licensing professionals to interact and engage in licensing activities related to the following industry sub-sectors: Consumer Healthcare, Personal Care and Nutrition, Grooming, Beauty and Fragrances, Foods (including Snacks, Novelties, Confections, etc.) and Beverages (including Wine, Beer and Spirits), Apparel, Home Furnishing and Textiles, Consumer Electronics, Toys and Gaming, Household goods, Hardware and Garden, Household Cleaning, Soaps and Detergents, Entertainment, Leisure, Sports and Recreation, Automotive, Consumer Durable and White Goods products, Vacation and Travel and related Consumer Product Distribution Channels.
  • High Technology: The High Technology Sector engages members interested in advanced technologies, through its various technical industry committees including Advanced Science & Technology, Automotive & Aerospace, Cloud Services & Software, Internet of Things, Mobile & Consumer Electronics, and Semiconductors.
  • Industry-University-Government Interface: The Industry University Government Interface (IUGI) Sector promotes interaction, collaboration and best practice sharing between licensing and technology transfer professionals and the greater financial community.
  • Life Sciences: The Life Sciences Sector provides LES members in all areas of the life sciences industry, including but not limited to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, BioMedical Devices, and Diagnostics & Genomics segments, with a place to network, share common experiences and learn from one another.

Young Members Congress (YMC): The Future of LES is Here

If you are an IP or licensing professional under the age of 40, your professional growth and development is vital to your ongoing success as well as ours. LES as an organization cannot thrive and grow unless you do and YMC can help you grow in several ways:

  • Opportunities to get involved in leadership roles in local chapters, committees and special LES sectors
  • Social networking and professional development programs and opportunities to make and forge connections
  • Mentorship program to help young members achieve their goals and acknowledge their accomplishments

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Women in Licensing

Dedicated to the advancement of women in the technology and licensing professions, the LES Women in Licensing Committee accomplishes its mission by:

  • Providing a platform for women to develop and demonstrate their professional, leadership, and licensing skills
  • Exposing women to business leaders and mentors
  • Participating in initiatives that develop women’s leadership and strategic thinking skills
  • Recognizing women who are licensing technologies that change our world in positive ways

The Committee recruits female mentors to speak on topics of interest to all licensing professionals; offers networking opportunities among women who can share their professional experiences; shares best practices for finding and recruiting qualified female employees; discusses how to obtain commitment from top management to hire, train, and promote women in licensing, technology, and management positions.

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