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Viewpoints: This quarterly LES newsletter is a member-only benefit containing up-to-date information on all LES activities. Members must log in to access the publication.

Les Nouvelles: This leading technology transfer and licensing journal, published quarterly by License Executives Society International (LESI), includes articles on various licensing topics, upcoming LES and LES International meetings, and reports from member societies and committees. It is free for LES members; non-members of LES can subscribe to Nouvelles directly through LES International.

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Explore the latest IP trends and licensing developments using our extensive repository of articles published in LES Insights.

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Royalty Rates Surveys

LES broad-reaching Royalty Rates and Deal Terms survey initiative addresses the elusive gaps in industry-specific deals and trends. Available exclusively to LES members, these surveys are useful for intellectual property negotiations.

Also available: an executive summary of the High-Tech Sector Inaugural Royalty Rate & Deal Terms Survey; results of past surveys covering Global BioPharma and Chemicals, Energy, Environmental and Materials (CEEM) Royalty Rates and Deal Terms.

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Public Policy and Legislation                  

The LES Public Policy Committee is dedicated to staying on top of the current legal and public policy issues and initiatives that affect the continually evolving business of IP commerce.

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