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LES is a welcoming community that provides opportunities for professional growth and networking, to shape your future and the future of the innovation economy.

LES membership provides resources to help you succeed: high-level insights into dealmaking, intellectual property case law, intellectual property valuation, and public policy.

LES membership provides access to exclusive royalty rate and deal term surveys, webinars, events, and professional development courses taught by industry experts.

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My Favorite LES Member Benefit is that every month we get great opportunities for networking, education, speaking and meeting people from a diverse array of backgrounds related to intellectual property, technology transfer and litigation.

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I joined LES about 13 years ago, because I found the content and learning that LES offered in education courses, conferences, and webinars to be sophisticated and directly applicable to all of the things that I was seeing in my licensing deals.

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I value the opportunities that enable me to stay current and stay connected with my fellow licensing managers, legal advisors, and industry influencers by attending regular webinars, networking events, and the LES Annual Conference.

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LES membership allows you to expand your business connections and opportunities. Our collaborative and supportive community is dedicated to helping one another leverage intellectual property to grow their business and protect their intangible assets.




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