Special Interest Committees are frequently the focal point of activity for many LES members in the US and Canada. These committees serve an important role to further the interests and vitality of LES to a vital segment of our membership.

These groups meet regularly to discuss relevant topics and issues. See links for meeting information.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

This committee has many different functions relating to alternative dispute resolution topics, including:

  • Act as a focal point within LES for Alternative Dispute Resolution topics
  • Raise awareness of the importance of considering various alternative dispute reduction and resolution mechanisms from the earliest stages of a negotiation with a partner and provide topical subject matter to LES workshops and meetings
  • With the LES education director, develop general educational programming for technology transfer, technical, alliance management, business development and legal professionals regarding the various alternative dispute resolution processes (including mediation and arbitration)
  • Share and disseminate best practices dispute resolution clause drafting
  • Share and disseminate best practices regarding mediation and arbitration advocacy and the role of both business and legal personnel in contributing to the best results         

Emerging Enterprises

The Emerging Enterprises Committee facilitates continued education, resource sharing, and professional relationship development to ensure the success of members engaged in the development of new IP-based companies. The Emerging Enterprises committee is open to all who are interested in sharing information on topics regarding the entrepreneurial ecosystem.        

Public Policy

This LES group serves the interests of all segments of the IP business community by closely monitoring and responding to public policy changes affecting every aspect of every segment of our business. 

Technology Branding & Trademark

The Technology Branding and Trademark Licensing Committee provides LES members in the US and Canada with opportunities for education and networking on the various aspects of trademark licensing including:

  • Sharing of best practices on strategic, legal, financial and compliance matters
  • Contributing to LES activities, including meetings, publications, workshops, and webinars
  • Providing a partnership outreach program with other professional organizations while encouraging their participation in LES
  • Liaising with the LESI global Trademark, Character, Design, and Merchandising Professional Committee.  

Valuation & Pricing

The Valuation and Pricing Committee provides a forum for education, discussion and networking for all interested LES members concerning the valuation and pricing issues pertaining to the development, technology transfer and licensing of intellectual property. Through the personal experiences of its members, the committee develops and defines problems in the evaluation of value and pricing issues pertaining to the development, technology transfer and licensing of intellectual property and seek solutions.