Special Interest Committees are frequently the focal point of activity for many LES members in the US and Canada. These committees serve an important role to further the interests and vitality of LES to a vital segment of our membership.

These groups meet regularly to discuss relevant topics and issues. See links for meeting information.



Public Policy

This LES group serves the interests of all segments of the IP business community by closely monitoring and responding to public policy changes affecting every aspect of every segment of our business. 

Valuation & Pricing

The Valuation and Pricing Committee provides a forum for education, discussion and networking for all interested LES members concerning the valuation and pricing issues pertaining to the development, technology transfer and licensing of intellectual property. Through the personal experiences of its members, the committee develops and defines problems in the evaluation of value and pricing issues pertaining to the development, technology transfer and licensing of intellectual property and seek solutions.   

Education Committee

The LES Education Committee is responsible for identifying, developing, and delivering LES courses. Members join our committee as instructors because they enjoy teaching and sharing their experiences with the next generation of IP professionals.  Courses are taught covering a wide range of topics, including IP, IP Licensing and Agreements, IP Valuation, IP due diligence and IP deal negotiation.

We have an active committee that meets once a month to review past and upcoming courses, including instructor and attendee experience.  We also assess our curriculum and determine what new courses to develop to meet the needs of our members as well as non-members.

Most of our courses are now taught online, but in-person courses are still taught at the Annual Meeting and in other venues around the US and Canada.  Any LES member who is interested in developing and/or delivering our education programs is welcome to join the committee. 

For more information or to join the committee, please contact us at: [email protected]               

Women in Licensing 

Dedicated to the advancement of women in the technology and licensing professions, the LES Women in Licensing Committee accomplishes its mission by:

  • Providing a platform for women to develop and demonstrate their professional, leadership, and licensing skills
  • Introducing women to business leaders and mentors
  • Participating in initiatives that develop women’s leadership and strategic thinking skills
  • Recognizing women who are licensing technologies that change our world in positive ways

The Committee recruits female mentors to speak on topics of interest to all licensing professionals; offers networking opportunities among women who can share their professional experiences; shares best practices for finding and recruiting qualified female employees; discusses how to obtain commitment from top management to hire, train, and promote women in licensing, technology, and management positions.

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Young Members Congress (YMC): The Future of LES is Here

If you are an IP or licensing professional under the age of 40, your professional growth and development is vital to your ongoing success as well as ours. LES as an organization cannot thrive and grow unless you do and YMC can help you grow in several ways:

  • Opportunities to get involved in leadership roles in local chapters, committees and special LES sectors
  • Social networking and professional development programs and opportunities to make and forge connections
  • Mentorship program to help young members achieve their goals and acknowledge their accomplishments

Join the YMC