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LES members encompass over 8,000 global professionals and dealmakers working in a variety of IP industry sectors. When you join LES, you join them, and have access to their opinions and expertise. Our Global Membership Directory enables you to connect with the best in the business for the sharing of ideas and business opportunities. It beats cold calling any day!

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Royalty Rates Surveys          

LES’ broad-reaching Royalty Rates and Deal Terms survey initiative to addresses the elusive gaps in industry-specific deals and trends. Available exclusively to LES members, these surveys are useful for intellectual property negotiations.

Also available: an executive summary of the High-Tech Sector Inaugural Royalty Rates & Deal Terms Survey; results of past surveys covering Global BioPharma and Chemicals, Energy, Environmental and Materials (CEEM) Royalty Rates and Deal Terms.

Access the LES Royalty Rates Surveys here.

Licensing Standards Initiative

LES standards are voluntary, consensus-based professional practices that are guided in their development by the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI’s) “Essential Requirements.” LES members collaborate to develop frameworks and business process standards that accomplish many critical objectives. Learn more.


LES has an editorial staff tasked with keeping our members up to date on all current developments in the practice of IP business and law in order to enhance your competitive advantage in IP, licensing, and business strategies. We do this through the following publications:

LES Insights: A curated summary of current news, LES updates, and original articles contributed by LES members and other industry professionals. LES Insights is sent monthly via email to our members. If you are interested in submitting an article, please click here to see the LES Insights editorial guidelines.

Viewpoints: This quarterly LES newsletter is a member-only benefit containing up-to-date information on all LES activities. Members must log in to access the publication.

Les Nouvelles: This leading technology transfer and licensing journal, published quarterly by License Executives Society International (LESI), includes articles on various licensing topics, upcoming LES and LES International meetings, and reports from member societies and committees. It is free for LES members; non-members of LES can subscribe to Nouvelles directly through LES International.

For guidelines on submitting articles to Les Nouvelles or to access our repository of issues click here.


LES e-Library is a comprehensive resource for our online content and educational materials including LES webinars, LES meeting presentations, IP industry research and articles, and LES Professional Development courses. All LES online content is accessible through this portal and is available free of charge to LES members. Non-member visitors may search for resources and review search results.</ahref=”https:>

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Career Center     

The LES Career Center is more than just a job listing tool. It can help you with every aspect of looking for your first, or your next, big career opportunity. We offer you career coaching, help with resume writing, a confidential way to check references from your past employers, and resource materials related to every aspect of job seeking. And if your organization is looking for new talent, this the place to post job openings and seek potential candidates.