Programming for Specific Industry Sectors

LES offers outstanding meeting and professional development programming, content, and networking opportunities related to five specific industry sectors.

  • High Technology: The High Technology Sector engages members interested in advanced technologies, through its various technical industry committees including AI & Cloud Computing, Automotive & Aerospace, Data & Cybersecurity, Fintech & Blockchain, Health Tech & Medical Devices, Mobile & IoT Devices, Semiconductors, and Startups.
  • Industry-University-Government Interface: The Industry University Government Interface (IUGI) Sector promotes interaction, collaboration and best practice sharing between licensing and technology transfer professionals and the greater financial community.
  • Life Sciences: The Life Sciences Sector provides LES members in all areas of the life sciences industry, including but not limited to the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, BioMedical Devices, and Diagnostics & Genomics segments, with a place to network, share common experiences and learn from one another.
  • Physical Sciences: The Physical Sciences Sector (formerly Chemicals, Energy, Environment and Materials/CEEM) engages members in the chemical, energy, environmental, and materials industries, which include but are not limited to the fields of petrochemicals, renewable and green energy, clean technology and nanotechnology.
  • Brands as a Business: The Brands as a Business Sector (formerly Consumer Products) will focus on issues related to management of brands. Our focus will be related to the following subject matter: brand valuation and leveraging brands to increase value, best practices when licensing a brand, When to license a brand, tools and resources related to brands, brands and social media, and name, image, likeness and endorsement.