Let’s Close the Deal to Support Your Professional Success


Because LES connects you with a diverse global community of IP professionals, offers you dynamic educational programming, and provides you with many ways to participate in an organization that’s on the cutting edge of all things IP. LES membership will make you a more valuable contributor and resource for your company or organization.

Here are some resources and talking points that you can use to convince your boss on why attending the Annual Meeting is a win-win situation and the benefits of LES membership.


Top 5 Reasons for Attending the LES Annual Meeting!

Reason #1: Join Our Global Community. The LES Annual meeting is much more than just another IP conference – LES is a community of professionals who stay connected long after the conference is over. Our community includes colleagues, mentors, clients and friends. The Annual Meeting is the once a year opportunity to come together in person and maintain the relationships, which then carry into our local chapters, sectors, committees and special events.


Reason #2: Networking with Industry Leaders. The LES Annual Meeting, the premier event for the IP community, brings together leaders from around the world, professionals with diverse skill sets related to licensing and IP. Networking with the meeting attendees will establish valuable relationships and business opportunities. 


Reason #3: Diverse Learning Opportunities. The meeting features 30+ sessions focused on cutting-edge topics, including: new frontiers in healthcare, environmental sustainability, innovations in blockchain and NFTs, IP valuation in the new era of licensing, and more.   Learn not just about your business sector, but also about how other business sectors handle similar IP and licensing issues. 


Reason #4: Interact with the SF Bay Area and Silicon Valley Business Community. Under the theme of “Commercializing Innovation”, the meeting will be infused with the spirit of entrepreneurship that is so unique to the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, and is likely to attract many of the leading companies based in the region.


Reason #5: Practical Education. Whether you are just starting out or have 30 years of experience, there’s always room to grow your knowledge.  LES Education courses at the Annual Meeting include a one day version of our popular series, Mechanics of a License Agreement, as well as the Certified Licensing Professionals (CLP) Review Course.  Legal CLE credits will be available in select states.


We may not need to convince you of the value of attending the LES Annual Meeting– but let us help you convince your employer/boss!

Check out our template that will help you sway your employer from “no way” to “okay”!


Dear <supervisor’s name>,

I would like to attend the LES 2022 Annual Meeting—Commercializing Innovation, that will take place in October in San Francisco.

This event is jam-packed with 30+ sessions led by industry experts and thought-leaders, roundtable discussions, notable keynote speakers, sector-specific meetings, workshop sessions (several of which offer CLE credits), education courses and much more.

Throughout the event, there will be plenty of time allocated to in-person networking, so I will have the opportunity to raise our organization’s profile, develop relationships and contacts, and set up meetings with people who can collaborate with our organization in the future.


    • Registration: [Fill in the amount based on date and your membership status]
    • Hotel (Marriott Marquis, San Francisco): $299 USD plus applicable taxes and fees per night
    • Travel: [Estimated from (your location) to San Francisco, CA.]

I believe this will be a valuable opportunity for myself and the organization. Thank you for your consideration and I would appreciate approval of my expenses submitted to attend the LES 2022 Annual Meeting.


< your signature here >


Why the LES Group Membership is the Best Bang for your Organizations Buck!

Gather your co-workers and influence leadership on the benefits and savings on the IP Group Owner Membership with LES. You get up to 15 employees to join as LES Members for $1995 and that delivers almost $4000 in Savings!

Who doesn’t love a good deal? This group membership is more than just savings, there are organizational benefits such as:

Happier Employees: Happier employees are loyal and less likely to jump ship (for warmer waters). They are infectious and their enthusiasm contributes to the culture of the organization and leads to happier employees. Increasing smiles and building a workplace that everyone enjoys. LES members love their jobs and love their organizations (they told us!).

Higher Performing Employees: It is a fact! When you and a group of your colleagues take the time and initiative to improve professional experience and knowledge, you showcase your commitment to success and become top performers (and future industry experts). LES members are some of the most successful and sought after thought leaders in the industry!

Increased Skills + Professional Development: Membership offers resources in education, training, networking, and mentoring that increases expertise and knowledge. The more you know, the more you grow (promotion alert!!). Did you see the education and professional training opportunities offered by LES? (CLP + CLE for starters).

Retention: When you keep your staff and reduce turnover, you save money, time, and efficiency. Having to hire new employees is more than just a headache. You can invest in your current staff or spend the time and money hiring inexperienced staff (who may also head for warmer waters!). LES members have been at the same organization for an average of 7.5 years.

Membership Benefits: The more the merrier! Connect with your fellow LES members and attend events, conferences, and get free access to webinars and to Deal Term and Royalty Rate Surveys! Plus, expand your connection with the largest global IP and licensing professional database. Network, network, network!

We may not need to convince you and your co-workers of the value of IP Owner Group membership – but let us help you convince your leadership!

Check out our template that will help you sway leadership from “no way” to “okay”!

< date >

TO:  < Insert name/s >,

RE:  Enabling 15+ Employees to Elevate their Careers with LES IP Group Ownership Membership

We highly recommend that our organization take advantage of the IP Owner Group member with the Licensing Executives Society USA & Canada and we know that the return, the savings, and the value will deliver a wealth of benefits. As you may know, LES is the leading association for intellectual property, technology, and business development professionals, with more than 8,000 members globally. LES continues to be a leading force by educating fellow industry professionals about IP & licensing, via online resources, professional conferences, monthly webinars and much more.

The IP Owner Group membership fee is just $1,995 and grants up to 15 employees special benefits including:

    • Pay for one of your LES members to attend a ½ day virtual meeting and have the other 14 LES members in your organization attend for free (one ½ day meeting per year).
    • Virtual education class discount – Buy one attendee, get one free.
    • Permanent early bird pricing for LES members of your organization to attend the Annual Meeting.
    • Access to LES Deal Term and Royalty Rate Surveys, including the upcoming 2021 High Tech and Life Sciences Surveys.
    • All members designated by their organization receive full membership benefits, including free webinars, discounts for LES events and access to member-only resources.
    • IP Owner Group membership is a rolling membership that begins on the date of purchase and is valid for 365 days.
    • Industry publications covering the latest industry trends, including The Pulse, les Nouvelles, LES Viewpoints, and LESI Global News

We generally believe that this group membership is an invaluable investment that will enable our organization to better enhance our visibility and professional impact in all that we do.

We hope you also agree with this valuable benefit and the impressive savings that the IP Owner group members provides.


< add appropriate signatures of those interested in being a part of the lucky 15 LES members>