Ben Bonifont

It is with heartfelt sadness we announce the passing of Ben Bonifant, one of our LES and industry pillars for several decades.

As a true leader in the biopharmaceutical and life sciences industry, Ben influenced many with his intellectual curiosity, keen thinking and personal grace. From his industry consulting roles, including founding partner of Triangle Insights, he guided many companies with his strategic insights and fostered many high-quality relationships within the industry.

Ben’s many LES contributions began as a team volunteer for the first LES Life Sciences Royalty Rate and Deal Terms Survey. When the inaugural survey was launched, Ben stepped forward to lead an analysis sub-group. He led the data organization and developed some analysis templates that have become core anchors for the ongoing reporting of survey results. His imprint remains.

Along the way, Ben served as a Life Sciences Sector Chair, published in les Nouvelles and was a frequent contributor to LES meetings, program content, webinars and highly sought after for industry panels. His work and influence affected the entire industry. Ben worked closely with LES leadership to initiate and develop the “Partnering Performance and Reputation Survey,” which he conducted biannually in conjunction with the LES Senior Leaders Roundtable for the Life Sciences industry.

“Ben was always so highly regarded for his thoughtfulness and insight as a professional and his kindness as a person. He devoted much time and effort in conducting this survey on behalf of the senior leadership of over 20 large pharmas and biotechs. The results were always top-quality and used by the companies to assess the effectiveness of their business development and licensing groups. It has had a major impact on the industry.” said Pamela Demain, Past President of LES USA & Canada, 2014-2015.”

Ben is most remembered for his gracious demeanor. He was an avid, engaging listener and his personal presence changed group dynamics in a positive way.

Ben was a true leader whose kindness, spirit and actions provided an example worthy of emulation. He will be missed.

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