Frank Barnes Mentor Award

The Frank Barnes Award was established in 2000 by a group of LES members to memorialize Frank Barnes’ vast contributions to the field of licensing through mentorship.

Each year at the LES (USA & Canada) Annual Meeting an award is presented to an LES member, who like Mr. Barnes, has dedicated considerable time and energy to mentoring fellow licensing professionals. The award honors Frank Barnes, Corporate Vice President for Abbott Laboratories, who passed away in June 2000 after a long fight with cancer. Frank’s contributions to Abbott through his in-licensing prowess are legendary, earning the company billions of dollars annually.

Aside from his financial impact for Abbott, Frank was known throughout the pharmaceutical industry as one of the ‘Deans of Pharma Licensing’. An early supporter of LES (USA & Canada), Frank mentored dozens of licensing executives who continue to make important contributions throughout the pharmaceutical industry. Thus, his legacy lives on.

  • Nominations may be made by any LES member from any Sector
  • A significant part of the career of the nominee must be dedicated to the field of licensing.
  • The nominee must have mentored multiple Licensing Executives; and
  • At least two nominations are required for each individual.
  • Deadline for submissions are in July and the winner is selected y the committee in August.

The Award recipient will be announced at the LES Virtual Annual Meeting in September 2021.

Recognizing the 2021 Frank Barnes Mentor Award: Francois Painchaud

Mr. Painchaud receives this award in recognition of the help, guidance, and mentorship that he has selflessly offered to countless members of LES and LESI over the years, efforts that, in part, were responsible for the unofficial title he earned, the ‘dean of pharma licensing.’  “He has been a mentor in the organization for multiple members of LES, including myself,” emphasized Vincent Bergeron, International Chair of the Licensing Executives Society International (LESI)’s YMC Committee. “If it were not for Francois, I might not be involved with LES at all.  He had the passion and the patience to act as a mentor for me to join LES, and to really get engaged.”

Frank Barnes Award recipients:

2021 – Francois Painchaud
2020 – Steven M. Ferguson
2019 – Jeffrey S. Whittle
2018 – Louise Levien
2017 – Bill Mattson
2016 – Ed Saltzman
2015 – Larry Udell
2014 – John Poulos
2013 – Don Drinkwater, CLP
2012 – Pam Demain
2011 – Richard Razgaitis
2010 – Thomas Picone, PhD
2009 – Catherine Sohn
2008 – Marvin Guthrie, Esq.
2007- Ted Cross
2006 – Julius Vida (deceased)
2005 – Louis Berneman
2004 – James Foley
2003 – Arlene Morris
2002 – Jack Anthony
2001 – Hank Weisman (deceased)

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