Individual Membership: $425 Annually

Any single person of good ethical reputation and business affiliation who subscribes to the society’s rules of conduct for members, and who, in business or professional activities, has significant responsibility for the licensing or transfer of industrial or intellectual property rights, or for other substantial action relating thereto, shall qualify as an active member.

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Emerging Leaders of LES: $195 Annually

A new membership category for individuals with less than 10 years of professional experience in the IP and licensing field! This exclusive offer will enable you to elevate your career without breaking the bank. Qualified applicants* receive $200 off the LES Annual Membership for three consecutive years!

*Qualified applicants include individuals with less than 10 years of professional experience in the IP and licensing field. This offer does not apply to anyone who has been an LES USA & Canada member within the last 3 years.

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IP Owner Group Membership: $2,095

For $2,095, up to 15 employees of your IP Owner organization can join LES as members. This represents up to $4,280 in savings over individual membership. Special Pricing is available if you wish to enroll more than 15 members

“IP Owners” include Operating Companies* owning Intellectual Property/IP, Academia (educational, non-profit and/or research institutions) owning IP, and US government entities (register by entity)

*Operating Companies: This category includes commercial entities that develop and sell intellectual property based products and services: whether hardware-based, software-based, or information-based; whether chemical-based or material-based; whether energy-based, communication-based, or transportation-based; whether utility-based or security-based; whether reseller-based or financially-based; whether food-based or beverage-based; whether travel-based or entertainment-based; or whether based on any other type of field or value proposition outside the categories of Patent Licensing Firms, Intellectual Property Brokers, Intellectual Property Consultancies/Agents, Intellectual Property Law Firms, and Intellectual Property Management/Transaction Software, Software Services, and Information Services Firms.

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Student Member: $60 Annually

In accordance with Article 2.5 of the LES Bylaws, a student member is defined as:

Any single person not qualified under any other class of membership who is regularly enrolled as a graduate or undergraduate student of an accredited college, university, or post-graduate school and has a bona fide interest in the profession. Such membership shall continue until the close of the fiscal year of the society in which such person ceases to meet such qualifications.

To apply for this membership category download the application here.

* This category of membership currently receives all benefits associated with LES membership.

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Membership Emeritus: $195 Annually

For more information on this category please contact [email protected] or 703-234-4058.

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