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IP & Licensing Basics: A One-Day Review 

This one-day course provides a survey of the basics of intellectual property (IP) and licensing. It builds a practical understanding of core IP and licensing concepts from both the business and legal perspectives. Each course, taught by both legal and business experts working as a team, is divided into five topics with examples, exercises and interaction between instructors and fellow students. Topics include: Introduction to IP; Basics of IP Commercialization & Licensing; Determining Reasonable License Fees & Royalty; Managing Risks; and a Licensing Case Study.


Masters Class: Principles and Practices of Intellectual Asset Management 

This intensive 3 ½-day course provides a strong foundation in licensing, enabling course attendees to use the language of IP and licensing, apply licensing principles and practices, and develop an intellectual asset management process within their organizations.  Taught by world-class licensing experts, this curriculum-based program combines lecture and small group formats to address four major topics: The Basics of IP and Licensing; A Business Framework for Licensing; The Deal; and Living with the Deal.  Specific take-aways for course attendees include being able to: identify basic legal and ethical issues; assess needs, opportunities, and risks; and establish strategies for technology transfer, including finding and qualifying prospects, and negotiating and closing deals.

Best Practices in Licensing: Developing, Negotiating & Executing Transactions 

This 2-day, interactive course delivers core knowledge and practical guidance on what works and what doesn't when developing, negotiating and executing licensing transactions. Taught by practitioners who draw upon their extensive real-world experiences, this course equips attendees with useful and practical tools that they can immediately apply, including structuring and negotiating transactions component built on practical experience from actual licensing deals. Specific take-aways for the course attendees include being able to: master IP fundamentals; establish material terms of a license agreement; structure financial terms and considerations; leverage arbitration and alternative dispute resolution; manage key issues in multi-national licensing; drive deal negotiations to a close in a positive manner; establish a principled approach; and understand key legal issues and trends to be more effective in your transactions.

Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) Exam Review Course

This one-day review course helps professionals prepare for the CLP exam.  Taught by experienced CLP-certified LES members, the emphasis of the course is on the eight CLP domains, the practice exam questions and the participants’ results. The one-day review is followed by a series of six one-hour webinars, each providing another opportunity for participants to review the domains and to ask questions of the LES experts. Of those who have taken this review course and the exam, 80% passed.  Earning the CLP credentials establishes credibility among your colleagues, shows that you understand and utilize the latest industry practices, recognizes your experience and qualifications, and demonstrates your commitment to professional development.


Cyber-Competitive Intelligence

Players, applications, assets, investment, strategies and future direction: these are key touch points of competitive probing. This is an intensive, hands-on competitive intelligence methodology in which scoping and proposing relevant projects, current on-line information services, patent information sources, and the use of an available advanced search tool will be presented. Participants will learn useful tools and techniques for developing meaningful projects, information, and analysis which will result in relevant recommendations for business action.

Strategic Licensing: Advanced Skills & Tools 

This intensive 4-day course focuses on strategic licensing in the broader context of business development and company-wide intellectual asset management. It provides advanced skills and tools for the experienced licensing professional. Taught by world-class licensing experts in both lecture and small group formats, the course builds upon the Masters’ Class curriculum and covers six major topics: Legal Issues; Licensing Issues; Intellectual Asset (IA) Strategy; Valuation; Negotiation; and Ethics. Specific take-aways for course attendees include being able to: identify due diligence legal issues in licensing transactions; analyze difficult agreement provisions; recognize an IA strategy that is both actionable and aligned with corporate strategy; interpret competitive data; recognize assumptions and interpret an independent valuation report; and conduct principled negotiations and apply ethical principles to the opportunities.


Are you interested in teaching the IP & Licensing Basics: A One-Day Review (formerly PDS 100) for your Local Chapter or at LES Meetings? Now is your chance. LES (USA & Canada) is currently recruiting instructors. To be eligible, you will need to take the IP & Licensing Basics: A One-Day Review and attend the half day Train-the-Trainer (TTT) workshop. Those who sign up to attend the 1.5 days of training (IP & Licensing Basics: A One-Day Review + TTT) will be able to participate for free in both programs. Following your training, you will have access to course materials, coaching, & local chapter resources to get you started.



LES hosts monthly webinars, as part of its ongoing Webinar Wednesdays series, as well as Hot Topic webinars that are periodically scheduled to cover breaking developments such as patent reform, important case updates and other major industry news.  Webinar Wednesdays are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time and are also available anytime on-demand.  Join IP and licensing experts as they share their knowledge and experience regarding today's most relevant licensing trends and challenges from transactional issues to ethics to valuation.

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