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The business of intellectual property is changing and you’re facing new challenges every day. At Licensing Executives Society (U.S.A. and Canada) (LES), we are dedicated to evolving with your needs by providing up-to-date, relevant, and easy-to-access information. As a member of LES, you’ll grow your network, hone your skills and knowledge, and advance your career.

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LES 2016 Spring Meeting

The LES 2016 Spring Meeting committee is now accepting workshop proposals for the 2016 Spring Meeting to be held April 26 -28 in Houston, TX. Come share your perspectives on emerging trends, best practices, and other topics of interest with your peers across a cross-section of leading companies, research institutions, and government laboratories. Deadline for proposal submissions are February 19, 2016. Online Registration is now open.

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CLP Exam Review Course

Join us February 14, 2016 in San Diego, Ca for this one-day review course to prepare for the CLP exam. Taught by experienced CLP-certified LES members, the emphasis of the course is on the eight CLP domains, the practice exam questions and the participants' results. 

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LES Insights Featured Article

Copyright Infringement Case Is Blocked by First Sale Defense When Copyright Holder Failed to Show Its Software Was Merely Licensed

By John Paul, Brian Kacedon, and Sonja Sahlsten

A copyright grants the owner a set of exclusive rights, including the right to reproduce, distribute, display, and perform the protected work. However, under the first sale doctrine, once the copyright owner sells a copy of a copyrighted work, the new owner has the right to resell or otherwise dispose of that copy without the copyright owner’s permission. For digital software a key issue for the first sale defense is whether the copyright holder sold or licensed the software, because the first sale defense only applies to sales and not licenses.

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The IP100 Executive Forum

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