Merck & Co. Executive Pamela Demain Elected President of Licensing Executives Society (U.S.A. and Canada) Society Appoints 2014-2015 Officers and Trustees at Annual Meeting in San Francisco

LES (USA & Canada) Press Release

SAN FRANCISCO, October 8, 2014 –Pamela Demain, Executive Director for Business Development and Licensing at Merck & Co. Inc., has been elected President of the Licensing Executives Society (U.S.A. and Canada), Inc., during the Society's 50th Anniversary Annual Meeting here this week.

As President, Ms. Demain will focus intensively on executing "LES 2020," a recently-launched, 5-year strategic initiative aimed at enhancing the Society's position as a primary thought leader for business development, intellectual property, public policy and the premier source for best practices, content, education programs and innovation business solutions.

"LES is THE association for business development, IP and other innovation professionals across industries, and as our profession changes, LES will adapt to continue to provide valuable leadership, education and networking opportunities for all of our members," said Ms. Demain.