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LES Insights Featured Article

Patent Owners May Not Sue Customers of Those Who Prevailed in Showing the Accused Products Did Not Infringe, Even Under a New Theory of Infringement

By John Paul, Brian Kacedon, and Robert MacKichan

As the Federal Circuit has explained on prior occasions, the Kessler doctrine “bars a patent infringement action against a customer of a seller who has previously prevailed against the patentee because of invalidity or noninfringement of the patent.”  Established by the Supreme Court in 1907 in Kessler v. Eldred, the doctrine is based on the rights of the prevailing manufacturer to freely manufacture, use, and sell the product that has been deemed not to infringe without interference.  The Supreme Court has subsequently described this as a “limited trade right” that attaches to the adjudged noninfringing product itself.  The continued vitality of the Kessler doctrine was confirmed by a recent decision of the Federal Circuit in SpeedTrack, Inc. v. Office Depot, Inc. (2015).

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