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LES Deals of Distinction Award
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LES Deals of Distinction Award

The LES Deals of Distinction Award (DDA) is an annual industry sector award program of LES (U.S.A. & Canada), which aspires to recognize worthy licensing deals and promote creative and innovative solutions to business issues involving contracts.

Each of the LES (U.S.A. & Canada) Industry Sector Committees has the option to make an award to whom they feel has completed the most deserving deal from within their field.

2017 Deals of Distinction Award Winners

  • Chemicals, Energy, Environment & Materials (CEEM) Sector
    ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company and Pohang Iron & Steel Company (POSCO)—High Manganese Steel Slurry Pipe License and Commercialization
  • High Technology Sector (HTS)
    AT&T and Uber Technologies - AT&T's Patent Sale to Uber
  • Industry-University-Government Interface (IUGI) Sector
    AbbVie, Inc., Biogen, and National Institutes of Health (NIH-US) - Zinbryta® for Treatment of Relapsing Multiple Sclerosis
  • Life Sciences Sector
    Xencor, Inc. and Novartis - Preclinical Immuno-Oncology Bispecific Antibody Alliance

Nominate a Deal

Of the deals announced in your industry over the past year, can you think of a worthy candidate?

Consider the criteria below and submit your information:

  1. The Award may be granted to a representative from each party of the selected deal wherein the transaction was announced in the past year and had a significant licensing component.
  2. Wherein further at least one party to the selected deal is an organization based in the territories of LES (U.S. or Canada).
  3. All types of licensing and technology transfer subject matter will be considered, and the selection criteria will include:
    1. Creative solution to the business issues,
    2. Novel structure for terms, and/or
    3. A deal that is seen as a "seismic event" and signals a major change for the art of licensing in your Industry Sector
(Other qualifications, such as LES membership, will be vetted by the DDA Awards Subcommittee.)

Nomination period for the 2018 Deal of Distinction Award has ended. 

Award Winners



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