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Call for Nominations - LES Management Council
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The Nominating and Leadership Development Committee of the Licensing Executives Society (U.S.A. and Canada), Inc. ("LES" or "Society") invites nominations for various leadership positions within the Society.

The Committee seeks nominations for the newly established Management Council.

Under recent revisions to the LES U.S.A. and Canada Bylaws, duly approved by the members, the Board is empowered to establish a Management Council. The goal and purpose of the Management Council is to perform the tactical duties and operational leadership of the Society. The roles identified for the Management Council are as follows:

  • SVP Education
  • SVP Chapters
  • SVP Sectors/Committees
  • SVP Membership
  • SVP Standards
  • SVP Public Policy
  • SVP Meetings
  • SVP Young Members
  • SVP Communications & Technology
  • SVP Long Range Planning
  • SVP Awards & Recognition

Candidates must be LES U.S.A. and Canada members. Successful candidates will be those who have demonstrated the following attributes: commitment to the work of U.S.A. and Canada over time; consistent adherence to the vision and mission of the Society; a demonstrated ability to work well with others; subject matter expertise in their professional discipline; and, proficiency and experience in the work of the Society and the tactical responsibilities associated with the relevant Management Council position.

We encourage all interested parties to submit nominations, and the Committee will gladly consider submissions of self-nomination. All nominations should describe in detail how the candidate satisfies the foregoing criteria, and any other factors or leadership credentials likely to be relevant to the Committee's decision. Nominations will be received until September 7, 2018. Nominations are to be sent to LES CEO Kim Chotkowski at kchotkowski@les.org.

These roles and responsibilities have traditionally been the responsibility of various members of the LES Board of Directors. According to the Society's long range strategic plan, members of the Board will shift their focus from the tactical operations of the Society to strategic initiatives and long-range planning. The duties associated with the tactical operation of the Society are to become the responsibility of the Management Council. The various members of the Management Council will thus assume the duties formerly assigned to Board members. Thus, the Management Council will be an important resource from which the Nominating Committee will consider candidates for future Board positions.

For a summary of the roles and responsibilities of the various MC positions, click here.

The Management Council is selected at the discretion of the Nominating Committee, and with Board approval. The Nominating Committee, per the Bylaws, is made up of the LES Immediate Past President as Chair (Brian O'Shaughnessy); the LES President (Bill Elkington); the LES President-Elect (Bob Held); and two LES members who are not Board members, and who are invited at the discretion of the other three members (Sian Godwin and Natalie Raffoul). In addition, the LES CEO participates ex officio (Kim Chotkowski). The Chair may invite others to participate in a non-voting capacity; and this year Past President Tanya Moore and Past President Pam Demain have agreed to serve in that capacity. Interested persons and candidates are encouraged to contact any member of the Committee with questions.

Brian O'Shaughnessy,
Chair, LES Nominating and Leadership Development Committee


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