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Business Development for IP Licensing
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In the world of IP licensing, it is often very easy to think your own views are shared by the other side before you start negotiating, making it even more difficult to agree on the “terms” in the agreement. This new, highly interactive intensive three-day course focused on IP licensing in the context of business development, licensing, patent decisions, valuation, negotiation, and ethics. It provided an integrated view on licensing transactions/deals and allowed attendees an opportunity to imagine the different hats worn in negotiating an agreement negotiation – all practiced in a safe learning environment using real-world agreements and examples. Developed and taught by world-class licensing experts, this course included legal, valuation, and business specialists.

About Attendees
This hands-on course was designed to provide advanced skills and tools for the experienced licensing executive in one or more of the following areas in licensing transactions/deals – IP including patent prosecution law (copyrights, trade secrets, know how, and trademarks), technology transfer, business development, licensing agreements, and valuation.

Attendees must have had at least three years of solid working knowledge in one or more areas of licensing transactions/deals (listed above).

Attendees were also required to have taken one of the following LES courses within the last three years:

  • IP and Licensing Basics 100
  • IP Business Basics 101
  • Masters Class: Principles and Practices
  • Best Practices in Licensing: Developing, Negotiating & Executing Transactions
  • Strategic Licensing: Advanced Skills and Tools

Attendees will:

  • Identify due diligence legal issues in licensing transactions
  • Analyze difficult agreement provisions
  • Recognize an intellectual asset strategy that is both actionable and aligned with corporate strategy
  • Interpret competitive data
  • Recognize assumptions and interpret an independent valuation report
  • Conduct principled negotiations and apply ethical principles to the opportunities

This course contained the following modules:

  • Legal Issues in Patenting, Due Diligence, and Licensing 251
  • Intellectual Asset Strategy 252
  • Valuation 253
  • Ethics 254
  • Negotiation 255


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