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Sector and Committee Webinars
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LES Sector and Committee Webinars


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High Tech Sector Webinars

 Subcommittee Date of Webinar Title
Cloud Services & Software 6/4/2010 A peak into the future – the new technologies you should know about!

5/22/2019 The IP in IPO - IP Valuation Lessons from Recent Public Exits

Cloud Services & Software

4/18/2019 What Your Mother Never Told You About IP Issues in the Cloud

Mobile and Consumer Electronics & Internet of Things

4/15/2019 Aggregator meets Aggregator

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

3/22/2019 Applying AI for Social Good

Automotive and Aerospace

3/21/2019 813 Panel Report Findings - Protecting Your Data & IP as a US DOD Supplier

Data and Cybersecurity

3/13/2019 Practical Steps for Complying with European Privacy Laws - A Risk-Based Approach

Automotive and Aerospace

2/7/2019 Changing US Export Controls Regulations- Implications for International Licensing

Cloud Services & Software

2/6/2019 Cryptocurrencies and Payment Platforms

Fintech and Blockchain

1/29/2019 The Emerging Risk- A study of the patent landscape related to Blockchain Technology

Internet of Things

12/11/2018 Managing IoT Privacy & Security Risks

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

12/5/2018 Negotiating Product, Service and Marketing Agreements
Cloud Services & Software
11/6/2018 The EU's General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR)-What is It, how does it affect me?
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
9/25/2018 Impact of Artificial Intelligence on US Patent Laws
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
8/23/2018 Machine Intelligence- Finding the Next Unicorn
Automotive and Aerospace
7/30/2018 Live from Detroit! - Emerging Mobility, Connectivity, and Autonomous Technologies Virtual Startup Pitch
Advanced Science and Technology
4/18/2018 Evolving Patent Landscape of Blockchain Technology
Automotive and Aerospace
4/10/2018 Emerging Technology Trends in the Automotive Industry
Automotive and Aerospace
3/21/2018 What Does U.S. Case Law Currently Tell US About Standard Essential Patent Licensing
Mobile and Consumer Electronics
2/28/2018 IP Licensing Implications for 3D Printing
Advanced Science and Technology
10/17/2017 Patent subject-matter eligibility after Mayo and Alice
Cloud Services & Software
10/6/2017 Open Source Software - What's that and where does it come from?
9/27/2017 Gaining Access to University Technology - an Industry Perspective
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
8/10/2017 Adapting Patent Law to Artificial Intelligence


Life Science Sector

Date of Webinar Title
LES/LESI Global LS Royalty Rate and Deal Terms Survey
Joint Development of Medical Devices: Key Terms and Best Practices for Safeguarding Your IP and FDA Rights
What's It Worth? Understanding the Nuances in Valuing Life Science IP
Non-Dilutive Royalty & Revenue Interest


Emerging Enterprises Committee

Date of Webinar Title


Patent Financing for Startup Companies

Licensing from the NIH

Identifying and Navigating Price and Access Hurdles in Licensing and Sales/Acquisitions for Early Stage Assets

IP Valuation for Emerging Enterprises

China Has Gone from Worst to First in Patent Enforcement

Vaccinating BioPharma/Device Product Licensing and Acquisition Deals

Apportioning Patent Damages: How Recent Federal Circuit Decisions Will Impact Patent Drafting, enforcement and Licensing

David vs. Goliath

How to Prevent Being Caught with Left Shoe: The Effective Use of NDAs and Common Interest Agreements

Commercialization: Building the Custom Fit for Success

Licensing and IP Considerations

Legal Lessons Learned from High Profile Technology Companies

Structured Negotiation



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