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Special Report: LES Insights Readers Survey – 2018

Wednesday, June 27, 2018   (0 Comments)
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By Gillian Fenton Esq., CLP1 with Abbie Elliott2

Recently, the LES Insights Editorial Board offered a survey to our readership, to gauge how well we are meeting the needs and interests of the licensing and intellectual capital management community. Thank you to everyone who responded! We received 67 responses, from which we have collated this report. While we realize that the respondents represent only a small (2%) sampling of our weekly newsletter recipients (our distribution is approximately 3,000), we believe that the respondents are representative of the LES (USA and Canada) membership, covering the major sectors, committees, and local chapter perspectives.

First, we were pleased to find that a majority (37/67, or 55 percent) of you are satisfied with our weekly online news publication, LES Insights. Readers scored their overall satisfaction as 3 on a scale of 1-5. LES Insights is meeting your needs, but clearly there is room for improvement.

LES Insights is published weekly, and its content focuses on recent news and events of interest to those in the licensing, deal-making, valuation, and intellectual capital management communities. We asked readers about what is most valuable to them in the LES Insights content: LES Insights serves a variety of roles, including keeping our readers apprised of what's going on in their industry (52/66, or 79 percent), as well as to learn more about LES (USA and Canada) member news (24/66, or 36 percent), and to stay current on their skills and perspectives, enabling them to do a better job at work (13/66, or 20 percent). However, 6/66 or 10% of our respondents advised that they do not read LES Insights.

Clearly, LES Insights is delivering relevant content in line with our mission. We were concerned,however with the fraction of our audience who do not delve into LES Insights articles. Is thisdue to our focus, or our frequency of publication? One survey respondent mentioned that s/hedid not have the time to delve into substantive articles. We asked whether our readershipprefers that we continue with a weekly schedule, or consider another publication cycle such as biweekly, monthly, or quarterly. Interestingly, opinions on this point were divided:

While 24/67, or 36 percent were satisfied with our current weekly publication frequency, themajority (43/67, or 64 percent) expressed preferences for a longer publication cycle. Of these, 22 respondents (33 percent) prefer a monthly on-line newsletter.

Continuing with the theme of respect for our readers' time, we asked how much time readerstypically spend reviewing LES Insights issues: most of you have very limited time to reviewheadline news relevant to the community: the majority (35/67 or 52 percent) spend less thanfive minutes browsing each issue. It is important, however, for LES Insights to maintain itscurrent broad focus across all of the industries and professions served by LES (USA and Canada).We asked our readers what types of articles they read in a typical issue: the answersencompassed our entire range of content (all LES sectors, industries, communities, andactivities). Not surprisingly, the top rankings went to LES (USA and Canada) news and events,followed by our two largest sectors (High Technology and Life Sciences), closely followed byinternational news and our regular case-law digest column, The Intersection. In a veryencouraging development, many of our survey respondents also expressed interest incontributing articles to future issues. We will be reaching out to them, and look forward to reinstating our Featured Article series in future issues of LES Insights.

Overall, the Editorial Board is pleased with the results of our first readership survey, and we takethis opportunity to express our sincere thanks to each survey respondent, as well as to the four winners of our survey prizes, to whom notifications are being sent concurrently.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be making changes to LES Insights to enhance ourvalue and relevance to the licensing and intellectual capital management community.Importantly, we will be moving to a monthly publication cycle in 2019. We look forward to our continued partnership and dialog with readers from all sectors, industries and professions!

1 Senior Counsel, Vaccines Legal Operations, GSK. The contents of this article reflect the views of the author alone and do not represent the opinions or position of GSK.
2 LES Manager of Marketing and Communications, Drohan Management Inc., a Virtual, Inc. Company


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