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Professional Development Program Committee
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The functions of the Professional Development Program Committee are:

  1. Define the basic or core competencies of licensing professionals.
  2. Analyze current LES educational programs, courses and faculty regarding content, quality and needs for improvement.
  3. Supervise, coordinate and assist the program committees for annual and seasonal meetings, Technology Transfer Seminars and other educational activities, and to provide a comprehensive professional development program for LES members.
  4. Develop a multi-year and multi-track LES Professional Development Series designed and conducted to provide a continuity of topics over a several-year period as a complete course of study leading to licensing certification and credentials.
  5. Identify and collect LES publications (les Nouvelles) and workshop materials (reprints, slides, copies, handouts, and workbooks) to be archived at LES office. The committee works with meeting program chairpersons and the editor of les Nouvelles regarding materials printed or distributed.
  6. Solicit the cooperation of the membership in the collection of workshop material presented in the past. All documents obtained will be catalogued and copies sent to university repository sites and to LES office for access by the membership, academia, and licensing professionals for scholarly research and the practice of licensing arts.


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