LES 2017 Annual Meeting

LES 2017 Annual Meeting - Call for Proposals

Submission Hints


I. Strong preference will be given to proposals that address the theme and sub-themes i.e. that represent change and cover topics that attendees will find both interesting and educational.

II. Use the list of suggested session titles to spark your creativity- but ONLY AS SUGGESTIONS.

III. Moderators and speakers must be willing to share their personal experiences on the topic – so that the audience learns from the experiences of the panelists - avoid the “Sage on the Stage” type session.

IV. Where it is not possible or practical to confirm panelists prior to submitting a workshop proposal, please identify prospective speakers and note that they are being considered or have been invited. The LES Annual Meeting Workshop Committee will work with organizers of accepted proposals to build out and enhance the workshops.

 V. Moderators and speakers from diverse professional settings, and have at least one person from an operating company on the panel.  Thereafter, the panel may include a representative cross section of the LES Membership including but not limited to private industry, both large and small, government, and academia; and, as appropriate, representing diverse perspectives, e.g., licensing, business development, legal, regulatory, etc.

VI. There can be only one member of each panel from the same organization

 VII. Moderators and speakers are required to register for the entire meeting or at least one day of the meeting their session is scheduled.  Full registration provides access to other value aspects of the meeting including networking events, other sessions, lists of attendees and recorded or archived meeting content.  Moderators and speakers may appear solely at a workshop or other session to which they have been slated, but their participation shall not include attendance at other sessions, meals, or receptions taking place at the meeting.  

VIII. Diversity is not required but strongly encouraged.  Decades of research by organizational scientists, psychologists, sociologists, economists and demographers show that socially diverse groups (that is, those with a diversity of race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation) are more innovative than homogeneous groups. Diversity reaches beyond any one gender, race, or ethnicity. It’s richly representative of all people, backgrounds, and perspectives.

 IX.  The recommended number of panelists for each session is four (4) based on time constraints and the physical set-up of meeting rooms.

X.  All concurrent sessions will have the following room set-up: head table for (4)_people, a podium and microphone. Additional equipment can be requested on the submission form.  Laptop and projection screen will be provided.  Presenters must advise the meetings department of any special needs (i.e. Mac Computer, HDMI accessories).

General Interest sessions should appeal to one or more LES Sectors or Committees. Successful submissions will balance topic relevance with a broad appeal across multiple sectors and committees. Click here for information on LES Sectors & Committees

XI.  As you consider your proposal, please bear in mind that the sessions are meant to provide knowledge dissemination through discussion and interaction. Sessions are not a venue for speeches or promotional presentations.

XII. LES members in good standing will be given first preference.

XIII. The LES Annual Meeting Workshop Committee will work with organizers of accepted proposals to build out and finalize the session.

IVX. Submissions will only be accepted online through the Call for Proposals submission portal.

Questions? Contact the Meetings Department at meetings@les.org or by phone at 703-234-4058.

Thank you for your contribution to the LES 2017 Annual Meeting.