LES 2017 Annual Meeting

LES 2017 Annual Meeting - Call for Proposals

Session Ideas

Feel free to use these or come up with a creative and catchy title of your own – your title should grab the attention of attendees and make them want to find out more! 

How should Universities pitch to Corporations? 
CLA - Collaborating; Learning; Adapting 
Deals & High Heels 
The Right Kind of Conflict in an Alliance 
Legalizing Pot - how do you do a legal deal for an illegal substance? 
Managing your IP 
What do need to know before you start drafting (value chain/Competitive Intelligence)?
Top 10 Legal
Licensing Soundbites/TED talks 
Major roadblocks in deal making 
Internal Negotiations – The Most Difficult Negotiations
Relationship of a BD Executive and the Transaction Attorney in a Negotiation 
The role of Press Releases? Why do them 
Valuation/Royalty Rate 
3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing 
Biosimilars - the new hot IP asset
Is data intellectual property 
Brexit - effect on EP patents strategy 
How far is software patentable 
Software - when is a derivative no longer a derivative?
Software - Open Source / proprietary
IOT - what the heck is it? Device manufacturer/Cell Phone 
Where does Innovation meet IP - how to capture value of Innovation 
Capturing the IP voice in the Board Room 
Software Licensing for biologist 
Role of big data deal - IBM/Watson - how do you look at vast amounts of data
Living with the antique deal
Will your cell phone become your glucose monitor?
the Science of Business 
IP issues associated with IPOs
Fundraising - how to raise money
Licensing in the film industry - copyrights and more.
Industry/Academia Myth Busters 
What keeps LES members up at night?