What’s Happening in IP? Licensing Market Trends by Industry

By David R. Jarczyk, President and CEO of ktMINE, CLP and executive committee member of the LESI IP Valuation Committee

At the LES 2014 Annual Meeting, David Jarczyk, David Drews, and Dwight Olson presented a study of licensing trends in the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, telecommunication, chemical, and consumer product industries entitled LESI IP Valuation Committee Study on Royalty Rates and Deal Structures. This study is intended to supplement the LES Surveys and the authors urge you to review this entire work, accessible via the LES website.

For the purpose of this study, licensing information was studied with the goal of identifying key trends within each industry. Specific attention was paid to the types of IP licensed, royalty/payment structures, exclusivity, and territory.

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