The Value of Being Involved with LES

By Kimberly Turner Quevedo, Editorial Specialist of Insights

As LES facilitates global IP commerce through education, networking, standards development, and certification, the LES meetings offer much value.

"I always look forward to the sessions that discuss the changes in the IP legal environment," says Bob Held, CLP, Vice President of Intellectual Asset Management at TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. "From the recent court cases to pending legislation, the overviews and open discussions about how these events are going to, or will affect, my business is very important to me." 

The 2015 Spring Meeting, which will be held in about two weeks on May 12 – 14 in La Jolla, California, offers a particular hot-topic session, Monetizing Patents: Risks, Challenges, and Strategies for Operating in an Increasingly “Anti-Patent” Environment.

As the present environment in the U.S. has made it increasingly more challenging to license a patent and increasingly easier for others to defend against patent enforcement, this workshop will focus on strategies for licensing and enforcing patents in the U.S. in 2015. The workshop will synthesize lessons learned from relevant Supreme Court and Federal Circuit patent decisions, recent state and federal efforts to enact anti-troll legislation, and the increasing use of post-grant proceedings in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and explain the impact of these and other recent developments on patent monetization and defensive strategies.

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